• About us

    The institute was renamed as Mental Hospital, Agra in 1925. It was being managed …

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  • Departments

    Institute of Mental Health and Hospital, Agra is a registered body under the Society Registration Act.

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  • Academics

    To provide professional and Para professional training in the field of psychiatry, clinical psychology etc

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  • Research Activities

    The institute is actively engaged in research activities to identify the root cause and remedial measures of mental illness.

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  • Special Programs

    The institute provides training to the students of Allopathic, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Nursing, Psychology and social work deputed from different institutions of U.P and other states.

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Occupational Rehabilitation

There are two occupational therapy units one each for male and female patients. The activities of occupational therapy unit are meant to provide skill training to the patients for restoration of their vocational potential. At present male patients are being trained in tailoring, carpentry, candle making, envelope making, chalk making, Dona making, weaving, spiral binding and lamination. Raw materials are procured form open market as and when required. The products are sold in the market on demand or in melas during festivals. Bedside these the patients are also engaged in different activities of the institute. The patients placed in occupational activities are being remunerated Rs. 25 per day.

Female occupational therapy unit is equipped with tailoring, embroidery, and painting, craftwork and artificial jewellery making with recreational and reading facilities. To rehabilitate the patients many of them have been given the jobs of ward attendance. Patients are also involved in cleanliness of ward premises.