• About us

    The institute was renamed as Mental Hospital, Agra in 1925. It was being managed …

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  • Departments

    Institute of Mental Health and Hospital, Agra is a registered body under the Society Registration Act.

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  • Academics

    To provide professional and Para professional training in the field of psychiatry, clinical psychology etc

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  • Research Activities

    The institute is actively engaged in research activities to identify the root cause and remedial measures of mental illness.

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  • Special Programs

    The institute provides training to the students of Allopathic, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Nursing, Psychology and social work deputed from different institutions of U.P and other states.

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Areas of Research

The institute is actively engaged in research activities in various aspects of Mental Health in India to find out incidence, prevalence and to indentify the root cause and remedial measures of mental illness.

An independent unit is established to promote research projects in the institute. Six (06) students are registered for research leading to Ph. D degree in psychology and three students have already been awarded Ph.D. degree in psychology.

Till date fifty(56) papers have been published in the journals of psychiatry and other allied sciences, three(3) papers are submitted for publication and fifty(59) papers have been presented in different professional conferences and symposia.

1. Burden of Care
2. Quality of Life & Wellbeing
3. Cognitive Functioning
4. Projective Techniques
5. Substance abuse
6. Stressful Life Events
7. Psychopathology
8. Rehabilitation
9. Personality
10. Gender Differences
11. Paid Work Activities
12. Geriatric Psychiatry
13. Stigma
14. Insight
15. Child Mental Health

Conferences/Seminars workshops:

  • Annual National Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society was organized in the Institute in the year 2009 on the theme ” Minding Mental Health: A New Doctrine of Psychiatry.”
  • The glorious occasion of 150 years of establishment of the Institite was commemorated on 25th September 2009. A workshop on ” Future Perspective of Mental Hospital in India” was organized on the occasion.
  • Bal Ratna Khoj
  • WHO sponsored week programme in community on Mental Health awareness in Schools, Colleges & Public Places.