• About us

    The institute was renamed as Mental Hospital, Agra in 1925. It was being managed …

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  • Departments

    Institute of Mental Health and Hospital, Agra is a registered body under the Society Registration Act.

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  • Academics

    To provide professional and Para professional training in the field of psychiatry, clinical psychology etc

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  • Research Activities

    The institute is actively engaged in research activities to identify the root cause and remedial measures of mental illness.

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  • Special Programs

    The institute provides training to the students of Allopathic, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Nursing, Psychology and social work deputed from different institutions of U.P and other states.

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Under rehabilitation of female patients vocational training was imparted to 100 female patients by Jan Shiksha Sansthan, an NGO at Agra under Ministry of Human Resource Development. The Institute pays an amount of Rs 625.00 per month to Jan Shiksha Sansthan (J.S..S.) as training fees. Training materials are provided by J.S.S. The Institute pays for buying materials needed for preparing Jewellery, Sarees , Dupatta, beads, thread laces etc. which the patients finally prepare after receiving training and the finished products are put for sale.

From January, 2011 to December, 2011 four batches of 25 patients each were imparted training on Artificial jewellery (6 months), Handicraft (3 months) and Embroidery ( 3 months). In Artificial jewellery patients were taught to prepare ear rings, necklace, bracelets, payals, key chains etc.

In embroidery the batch was taught to work on sarees and dupatta’s with fine threads, beads laces etc. They also embroided on Salwar materials.

The main aim of providing vocational training to female patients is to teach them new skills which would benefit them in their life apart from keeping them engaged.

Training of indoor patients-

The Vocational Rehabilitation Training activities are meant to provide, skill training to the patients for restoration of their vocational potential.

Community Services:

The Institute runs satellite clinics at Ram Krishna Mission Hospital, Vrindavan and a City Mental Health Clinic in Fatima Hospital, Agra Psychiatric Services are also provided at following places.
Mother Teresa Home, Agra

  • Women Protection Home, Agra
  • Bal Sudhar Grah, Agra
  • District Jail, Agra
  • Central Jail, Agra
  • Army Family Counseling under Army Family Welfare forum (Mathura)
Other Services: (To be started in near future)
  • Department of Child and Adolescent Mental Health (20 beded ward)
  • Department of Neurology (20 beded ward)
  • Department of Geriatric Psychiatry (20 beded ward)
  • Department of Drug De-Addiction (20 beded ward)
  • Rehabilitation Medicine Unit and Day Care Centre.